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UK Government's Free Boiler Grant

Is it time to replace your old, inefficient boiler with a new and energy efficient boiler? Unlock the warmth without breaking the bank! The UK Government offers free boiler grants under ECO4 scheme, ensuring your home stays cosy and energy-efficient. Say goodbye to chilly days and high energy costs – take advantage of this opportunity to receive a free boiler replacement grant and embrace the comfort and savings it brings.

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non condensing boilers

Replace Your Traditional Boiler With Condensing Boiler

Homeowners and private tenants can upgrade their boilers older than 15 years. They can enjoy the perks of the highly efficient new boiler which provide energy-efficiency of up to 94 percent.

Step by step:

Energy Efficiency

New boilers are significantly more energy-efficient, leading to reduced heating costs.

Environmental Impact

Reduce your carbon footprint with a more eco-friendly heating system.

Peace of Mind

New boilers often come with warranties, offering long-term peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

Free Boilers Grants is a trusted provider in UK

We’re dedicated to delivering energy-efficient home heating services in the UK. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we’ve helped homeowners and private tenants across the UK to transform every home with a highly cost-effective heating system.

Eligibility Criteria

Current Boiler

If you or anybody at your home receive certain benefits from the UK government or have a lower income, you may be more likely to qualify. Following checklist will make your eligibility more likely:

Property Ownership

The homeowner or the person responsible for the property’s heating system is usually the one who is eligible to apply for the free boiler grant. It may not be available to tenants in rental properties.

Benefit Letter

Free Boiler schemes are means-tested, meaning they consider your household income. If you receive certain benefits or have a lower income, you may be more likely to qualify.

Types of Boiler Grants Available

New Boiler Scheme

If you’re a homeowner or tenant with a gas system but haven’t had a boiler before, you can apply for the new boiler grant. Get a free installation of a super-efficient boiler in your home and enjoy all the benefits!

Boiler Replacement Scheme

A government initiative targeting improved energy efficiency in UK homes by replacing traditional non-condensing boilers with modern condensing ones.

Back Boiler Replacement Scheme

A specific program focuses on swapping out old and inefficient back boilers, typically found behind fireplaces, with modern and energy-efficient heating solutions. If you have the oldest version of the boiler, you’re likely to have the best chance of benefiting from the boiler replacement scheme.

Process of Assessment to Installation

Free Survey

Upon reviewing your application, the government will send a professional for a survey. They will personally visit your home to assess the overall situation.

Installation Process

After a home visit and confirmation, your new boiler will be ready for installation. A modern and energy-efficient boiler will be installed that will suit your home’s requirements.

Claim Free Boiler Grant

Free Boilers Grants will guide you through the grant application process to ensure you receive the maximum benefit. With your new boiler, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs and a warm, comfortable home.

Application process

Eligibility Check

Eligibility for the Free Boiler Grant is often contingent on the age and condition of your existing heating system. Not everyone is eligible for a free boiler scheme. Check Eligibility in 60 seconds.

Financial Assessment

The professional installer or service provider will assess your income and properties EPC rating to determine if you meet the financial eligibility criteria.

Care and Maintenance

If your current boiler and household income meet the eligibility criteria. Complete the grant application, This application typically includes details about your boilers age, your properties ownership proof, and your contact information.

How does the free boiler scheme benefit me?

Take advantage of the ECO4 scheme for a Free Boiler Replacement

Maximise your comfort while minimising costs with the ECO4 scheme, offering a complimentary boiler replacement across the UK. This initiative allows you to swap your outdated boiler for a modern, energy-efficient model, ensuring optimal performance and reduced energy costs.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away – take advantage of this government-backed program to enhance your home’s heating efficiency and overall comfort. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless transition to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solution. Say goodbye to chilly days and high bills – embrace the warmth of a new, free boiler courtesy of the ECO4 scheme.

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